Main innovations

The main functionalities provided by SeaClouds are:

Matchmaking: Allows querying or browsing available cloud offerings (PaaS and IaaS) via the SeaClouds GUI for determining suitable ones based on application requirements (like location, QoS, SLA, cost, etc.)

Cloud Service Optimizer: Optimizes the deployment topology of an application across multiple clouds to address non-functional requirements by following strategies like cost-minimization, QoS or location policies like “follow the sun”.

Application Management (Deployment and Governance): It supports efficient deployment and multi-cloud governance of a complex application on various cloud offerings at both IaaS and PaaS level.

Monitoring and SLA enforcement: It provides an independent Cloud monitoring functionality based on unified “cloud offering” independent metrics, such as latency/Response time, application status, etc., to allow operators to proactively monitor the health and the performance of business-critical applications, hosted across multiple Clouds.

Repairing (cloud resource scaling): It scales horizontally and vertically cloud resources to maximize the performance of each module of an application; it restarts and replaces failed components.